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International Driving Permit (IDP) for driving in Japan

To drive in Japan you need to obtain a valid International Driving Permit (IDP) .
International Driving Permit based on "Geneva Convention of Road Traffic 1949" shall be presented at the time of pick up. It has to be issued under the authority of the GENEVA CONVENTION of 1949. This is the only International driving permit acceptable in order to drive in Japan.

If you have a valid local driver's licence issued in Switzerland, Germany, France, Monaco, Belgium and Taiwan,  presenting the official Japanese translation of your local driver's licence that can be obtained at  JAF (located in Japan) is also permitted.
NO other exception is allowed.

Note: From 1 Dec 2013, the driving licence issued in Italy accompanied by its official translation is no longer valid due to an amendment of the traffic regulation.

(Those customers who have Italian local driving licences must bring IDPs based on the GENEVA CONVENTION of 1949.)

◆International driving permit issued under the authority of the VIENNA Convention (mentioned "Convention on International Road Traffic of 1968" on the front ) does NOT allow you to drive in Japan.
You also need to present your original driving licence with these international permit or translations. 
-IDP based on the Geneva Convention of Road Traffic 1949-
You need your Passport and International Driving Permit as follows.

-Local Driving Licence and the Official Translation-
Customers from France, Germany, Switzerland, Monaco, Belgium and Taiwan need Local Driver's Licence and the Official Translation Document as follows. 

 To obtain an Official Translation Document : 
The official translation documents can be obtained at Japanese Automobile Federation (JAF) offices located in Japan.
For more information, please visit JAF’s website at


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