Driving in Japan >> Traffic Rules in Japan

Basic Rules

Keep Left

All vehicle must be on left side
of the road.

Safety Seat for Kids

All kids under age of 6 years
must have child safety seat.

Height / Width of the Vehicle

The vehicle's height and width may
be different between a rental car and
a car you drive everyday. 

Fasten seat belt for all seats

It is obligated under government law
to use the safety belt for all the seats

of the vehicle on highway.

No Cell Phone while driving

When using cell phone, please
stop the vehicle at secure location.

Speed Limit

Typical speed limits are 80km/h to
100km/h on expressways and
30km/h to 60km/h on local roads.

Traffic Signs

Speed Limit

No Parking

or Stopping

No Entry for

Height Limit

One Way

No U-Turn

No Crossing

No Passing

No Parking or

Stopping in

the term



Illegal Parking

When you see the traffic signs below, that means "No Parking". Please do not park the vehicle surrounding that area.

In Japan, police control against illegal parking and driving is being more and more strict in recent few years. Once they find illegal parking, they will impose a large amount of fine on you.

When you see the yellow sticker shown below on the vehicle, that means police found that the vehicle has been parked at prohibited area. Once you see this sticker on the vehicle, please follow the procedure.

1) Go to Police Station and pay fines.

2) Get a receipt from police officer and show it to us when you return the vehicle.

Once you fail to follow this procedure, you will be responsible to pay 30,000 JPY as penalty when you return the vehicle.

Parking ticket

DO NOT do the illegal parking. This may cause serious accident!


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